Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sukanya Aunty Hot in Saree and Red blouse

I will always be a big fan of this woman. She is one of the most gorgeous looking woman Tamil Cinema has shown to us. The below pics are from some function and Sukanya is shining like a red diamond stone. 

I had a neighbor who kind of looks like Sukanya and I had a crush on her, but she married someone else. Why does it always happen to me.

Anyway enjoy these high resolution pics of this pretty lady.

sukanya aunty red sareesukanya aunty red saree

sukanya aunty red saree

Like a star she shines in between those black clouds. (WOW I became a poet coz of Sukanya)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Roopini/rubini hot caps from Tamil Movies

Roopini/rubini hot caps from Tamil Movies Salem Vishnu and Ulagam Piranthathu Enakagga

Roopini/ Rubini was an actress in South Indian Cinema. She was mostly into Tamil movies and had some luck in Sandalwood and Malluwood. She initially started her career with Hindi movies mostly art films and then shifted to Tamil just when she was good enough to star in mainstream movies. Her first Tamil film was with AVM production Manithan with Rajinikanth, you can't ask for a better debut role and then she had a good number of movies with all the big stars at that time. She was apparent in movies for 5-7 years and then faded away from big screen marrying a doctor and settling down. This is how an actress's life should be, earn the fame, money and settle down when you are no longer approached.

Talking about the masala or glamour side of Roopini, she was liberal when it comes to exposing and being intimate with actors. She was a little on the plump and chubby side which mostly attracts South Indians and should I say everyone. You are cuddling or making out with your mate and you don't want to press on bones and having a little flesh is wonderful. She has exposed in most of her movies and the directors have made a good use of her. She also ranks in one of the most seductive song in Tamil cinema, the one that comes in Michael Madana Kamarajan Tamil Movie. I am not sure if she can speak Tamil but her lip syncs have been perfect even though coming from a different state.

I have posted her sexy caps from 2 of her movies. which is Salem Vishnu and Ulagam Piranthathu Enakagga

roopini roobini actress tamil

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Buying a New Domain- Try Namesilo

Buying a New Domain- Try Namesilo

Google has been really nice to offer free hosting of websites like this one. Thanks to its Blogger service.  I just had to buy a domain to create an identity for this website.

If you are thinking of buying a domain, there are 1000s of websites offering domain and the major players in India are Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator and many more. They all have nice offers and cheap prices for the first year only and from the second year you will be paying the normal price.

This website was getting some good impressions every day and I thought it is time to go ahead with my long hesitating domain buy. I checked with lot of domain registrars and I was able to find a lot of offers front, left and right but once you Add it to Cart and go ahead with it you will be annoyed with different extra add on options which are more required for websites with millions of pageviews. One thing I was certain is to include the Whoisguard or Privacy guard which helps in masking the original name and details of the domain buyer. It’s obvious that I don’t want to reveal myself for the work which I am doing in this blog. After adding that too you will find that the total amount jumping and there is hardly any money off. When you buy a domain, most of them prefer to have it for long time so you intend to have it for a long time and it is nearly not of much help when you get the offer price only for the first year.

Here I would like to talk about a website called Namesilo which I found while searching for a good and cheap domain registrar. It is one of the best domain registrar and their USP is that they are simple and on the face, no any hidden charges that would be added in the checkout, it’s just the amount that is shown in the website for .net, .com, .org etc domain names. And the multi-year purchase is also the same cost just like 9$ for one year and 45$ for five years. For bulk domain buy, they do offer a margin of discount.

The below are the best features of Namesilo.

  1. Free Privacy
  2. Free Parking
  3. Free API
  4. Free DNS

You can give it a try and search for the domains you wish to purchase and compare the prices with other registrars.

To encourage you to go ahead and search for the domains and if you are happy and ready to purchase it, I have a 1$ off coupon for you. Use the coupon code smpic and you will get a discount.

Please note that this service is being used by me and since I found it useful, I am recommending it to my readers.


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