Thursday, November 8, 2018

Masturbating from the Childhood

Dear Guys,

Let me tell you a story about a person who was addicted to masturbation watching sexy scenes and songs from his childhood. These are some of the dark secrets which I am about to write it here.

I am not the only one and I am sure there are plenty of people affected like me.

So when did you start masturbating. I asked some of my friends and most of them told me that they started around their puberty time which is about 14 yrs-16 yrs old. But me on the other hand had started when I was like 6-7 yrs old which was like born with me.

I am a man now and I am aware of things but being a child and how I got into masturbation is simply unknown for me. I always doubted if some relatives or anybody had taught me this habit and how I got used to that dopamine high when I reached Orgasm. Certainly there was no ejaculation as I hadn't reached my puberty.

Some of the things that I still remember is .

My School teacher caught me masturbating. Yes

How did she know, My masturbation technique during my childhood was different, it was rubbing my crotch in one of the table legs. My teacher being an adult could make out what I was doing and shouted at me. Luckily she did not call my parents and embarrass them.

I have been caught by my Mother but she did not make a big deal out of it as she thought it is normal and normally boys will reform once we mature but it just went growing.

Being a 90's kid In India, we never had internet during our childhood. Around the same age 6-7 yrs old. TV was having a boom during the 90's and reached every house. It reached my house too. I used to watch movies with my family members and same would be used as a fantasy but I mostly preferred to watch songs and scenes Live in TV and masturbation mostly by the same technique as mentioned in the above paragraph but here it was a wooden stool or fucking a pillow.

I would hope I get the TV alone and whenever I get (Nobody at home), Oh boy it was fun time for me browsing all the channels for any kind of sexy content, Be it Fashion TV, Telugu songs (Which always have glamour) or anything where I see cleavage or anything sexy. Running through the channels to wank within those limited time before anybody shows up. 

I really welcome the policy of censoring stuffs in the TV which is happening nowadays how could anybody watch them with their family. Forget Telugu even Tamil movies have a lot of those hot scenes and songs which can make the family members uncomfortable to watch together.

I never had that feel of tiredness after an orgasm during my childhood and my frequency was not that much. But I was always that lazy ass who got marks of around 45-60 out of 100 and never won anything in sports event happening in your school. I remember running away from NCC Cadets training in my school and never participated in anything as I had to spend more time to improve my academic performance. 

I never had this sexual thought towards anybody in my real life nor was I a pervert. I have never sexually harassed anyone and I will never be remembered by the ladies  in any Metoo movement . It was just the TV stuff on whatever I watch. Also there was no Censor for TV channels during those days and whatever the Scenes and Songs (especially the hot and rain songs) come in the Theatre was played in TV by the Satellite TV channels unlike now where they have to censor again for all the A rated and U/A rated movies and cut all the tempting part.

I will not blame fapping for my average performance in Academics and sports as the frequency of fapping was very less like once or twice a month or so. Just that I was a lazy bum from the childhood.

I would still think  if I had caught hold of this habit only during my Puberty like everyone else and not earlier in my childhood.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year Guys

Enjoy your life and stop wasting your time in this shit. I am sorry for wasting a lot of your time and making you commit it through this blog.

Be the best of yourself. Control this emotion and become what you want to be.