Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Aamani putting on her Blouse from Honestraj HOT Gif

Aamani is an acomplished telugu actress who had done some movies in Tamil. In the movie Honestraj, Aamani was exploited the most with two hot songs and dare bare scenes which was later censored and it is not available in the DVD of the movie. This movie was frequently telecasted in Sun Tv and after 2007, the sexy scenes of Aamani was also cut when telecasted.

In one of the song, Aamani appears in red choli showing hot cleavage and her beautiful navel and the whole song was about Aamani gyrating while the hero Vijaykanth standing nearby and trying to ignore it. Throughout the song, Aamani is seen trying to seduce Vijaykanth by rubbing her breasts on him and hugging him every now and then.

The second song comes in the second half of the movie where Aamani is married to Vijaykanth and they have a child. The scene starts with Aamani giving a beetle nut leave to Vijaykanth and knowing that her mother in law and child have gone out asks Vijaykanth for another hot show. Vijaykanth refuses saying he is tired but  Aamani doesn't let him go. She puts a handcuff and locks it on vijaykanth's hands and puts the key in her blouse. Then starts the song, it is one hell of a midnight masala song in Tamil Cinema with Aamani dressed in transparent saree and dashing , kissing Vijaykanth. In the middle of the song, Vijaykanth puts her in the sofa and opens her blouse and bra (not shown in the video) but you can make it out from the way Aamani moans and expresses it. Vijaykanth takes out the key and unlocks himself and you can see aamani put on her blouse. It is the rarest in Tamil cinema mainstream movies where you see the actress putting on her blouse with two buttons open and you can also feel the way her breast giggle when she is putting up. A detailed view by the director here, in the below pic Check her left side bra strap it is displaced giving an impression that the blouse was indeed opened.

Hats off to the Director.

More Aamani Horny Pics from the movie Honestraj with Vijaykanth

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