Monday, September 10, 2012

Shriya Hot Filmfare 2009 Caps Huge Gallery (Sexy in Hot bikini blouse and Saree)

Shriya is one of the best actresses around spanning a decade in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Film industry. She is not only the best and also the sexiest actress of India. You cannot blame her of any irregularities but you can just praise her curves and entire body.

After Sivaji, she started opening  up in every movies, shows and whatever she came in. Always revealing her sexy cleavage and thighs making the men around her very comfortable. :D
She never disappoints.

In this I will post her hot caps from Filmfare South 2009. God she looks so sexy wearing tradition transparent saree but a very small bikini blouse revealing hot cleavage and not to mention, her face . AAaaahhhhh.

Check out the hq cap below.

Is you blood getting pumped everywhere.....

Here are the caps from the TV Show. Almost a Frame by Frame capture for your Enjoyment

In the Crowd. Look at the way she laughs and bends in the process showing her hot breast.

Dancing with DSP for a song shaking her hips, showing her hot back and side breasts.

Next she come to announce the winner for some award. You can get a glimpse of her hot heavenly body and cute smile.

 Last Segment but not the least. Shriya interviewed and showing her sexy bossoms in close up. Check the interviewers hand, it almost touched the untouchable. :)

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