Friday, September 28, 2012

Simran Hottest Show in Saree with Sarathkumar from Natpukagga

Simran was one of the top actress in South Indian Film Industry. She has acted with all the top heroes and known for her acting and glamour.
During the starting of her career, she appeared in many movies with a glamour image where she gets utilized well by the directors and heroes, always ready to strip her saree and showing her boobs in tight blouse which adds an extra appeal to her like the scenes in Vaali, VIP, Natpukagga and many others.
The below caps are from the movie Natpukagga with Sarathkumar. The movie was released in the late 90's when Simran was getting started. Simran is dressed in Saree not much skin show but her body curves in tight saree makes it a must watch and throughout the song she is seen touching and rubbing her body especially her boobs on Sarathkumar. Sarathkumar can feel the softness of her boobs. :p. She appears in three different sarees where she is like dancing and her body parts too dances with her.
She keeps on rubbing her boobs on Sarathkumar in frequent intervals throughout the song. Hatsoff to director K.S Ravikumar as he always uses Simran well like in this movie and then in Panchatantiram opposite Kamal and Bava Nachadu with Nagarjuna (one hell of a exposure by Simran).

Here are the HOT Gifs and images from the movie Natpukagga.

Click on the image to expand

Check out Sarathkumar's expression on feeling it. LOL

Hot Image Gallery of Simran and Sarathkumar from Natpukagga

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