Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sulakshana/ sulochana Aunty Hottest Caps from Tamil movies Part 2

Coming back to the Sulakshana aunty Hot caps.

I will be posting from Namma Ooru Nalla ooru movie starring Dowsar Ramarajan, Rekha, Rajeev and our darling Sulakshana. She is not the lead role in the movie but a supporting role as she comes as a sister in law for the heroine Rekha.

The movie released in the year 1986 and you can see Sulakshana being Plump and hot as hell. She doesn't have much screen space being a supporting role but she does have a rape scene where the villain goes after her. Here is the brief story of the movie. Rekha and Ramarajan fall in love after some initial strife but later as usual in Tamil movie the heroine comes to know the real fact about that hero that he is a good guy and falls in love. In the other side, we have Sulakshana the sister in law of Rekha whose husband is in Military. Rajeev comes in frame (ie Photograph) in the first part of the movie and makes a physical appearance at the end. And we have SS Chandran and his son who is shown as a pervert going after women. Sulakshana opposes the affair of Ramarajan and Rekha considering that her Military husband had given full responsibility over her sister. SS Chandran's son in the movie also tries for the heroine Rekha but fails and has a dispute with Ramarajan. To avoid the frustration, he informs Sulakshana about their affair. And then again he has a quarrel with the hero Ramarajan and get beat up. 

The rape scene starts here, the guy goes to visit Sulakshana to tell her about him getting beat up for informing about the affair. He enters the room and finds Sulakshana getting dressed up and that point of time his mind gets intoxicated like us. He tells her that about the whole situation, after cursing the hero for beating him, the caring Sulakshana sees him bleeding from head and immediately pulls of her saree end and  tries to clean the blood in his head. In the process, she gives a good view of her Milky breasts in bra through blouse to the guy, also a strange bgm plays in the background showing the guy staring at her breasts.(White Bra and White Blouse gives it a tempting look that you wish to relish it) She realizes her mistake and tries to cover up but it was too late as the guy was already enticed of her body. He pounces and gropes her like anything touching all the delicate parts and finally they both land in a room where Sulakshana to avoid getting raped kills him with a Shield.

Thanks to the Director for showing Sulakshana in full view.

Check out the caps.

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