Friday, October 12, 2012

Vijayshanti Hottest Scene with Anil Kapoor from Eshwar Hindi Movie

I am  posting about another Hot scene in Indian cinema. It is from the movie Eshwar starring Anil Kapoor and Vijayshanti. The movie released during the prime of Vijayshanti (I agree she was  in her prime more than any other actress) in the late 1980's. It is actually a remake of telugu movie Swathi Muthyam starring Kamal Haasan and Radhika which was dubbed in Tamil and was also remade in Telugu. It won a lot of awards during its time for the kind of story which was dealt with and also lot of appraises for Illayaraja for his gem of a music.

Okay, enough of the information about the movie. We will go to the Hot scene which I am referring too. There is a song featuring the lead pair Anil and Vijaya after they get married. The location of the song is near a hill side with a river running nearby. The song has good dance by Vijayshanti and the usual hugs and kiss between the lead pair. At the end of the song starts the fun stuff, she is dressed in a pink saree and blouse which is transparent revealing the bra strap, she lays down and pulls her saree on the ground making some room for Anil Kapoor to lay near her. Vijayshanti's palluless breasts are in full view and they hug while laying down. She elevates her body to make her breast touch his face.
The camera is from the back and you can make out from the way she elevates her body. Now it was left for the audience to imagine what was going in there, offcourse Anil Kapoor was breastfeeding from Vijayshanti. For almost 10 seconds they show the trees, rivers as if they censoring the part. 

Now back to the lead pair, Anil Kapoor is seen laying down and stretching while the saree end is on his face and pulled by Vijayshanti who is standing nearby putting on her blouse. You can see Vijayshanti's bra strap clearly from the back and the camera goes further to reveal a hottest side view of her breasts showing her bra line in transparent blouse but this time it was saggy giving an indication that it was indeed feeded.

Check out the HQ Caps and Enjoy.

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