Friday, November 23, 2012

Bhuvaneshwari Hottest Transparent Saree Caps and Cleavage Scene from Boys

Bhuvaneshwari who was once a TV artist and then was known for some decent capers with Vivek in few movies. Then came a news of her getting arrested by Police for prostitution in Chennai and she was featured in the movie Boys as a prostitute. The casting unit had a good taste of putting her in the movie. She comes draped in transparent saree and tight boobs in blouse revealing a lot even when fully covered. It is a dream for every teenage boys to enjoy a aunty like her. Her Sexy face attributing her character and the voluptuous body is just mind blowing.
Too bad , there was no intimate scenes of her in the movie.
A several collage pics has been created of Bhuvaneshwari from every frame she appears in that movie.

Click on the images to expand

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