Monday, November 5, 2012

Delecious Sada Enjoyed by Navdeep from Mythili/ Mythiri

Sada the beautiful actress who started her career in Jayam has acted in films of major indian languages. He started as a homely actress and then tended to show off, giving pleasure to her heroes and us. She is a great expression queen, gives out such an expression that makes you go wild and she does have one of the best navels with a cute and soft belly.

In 2012, she did not have much movies to brag about in South and had to act with buffoons like actor R.K in Puli Vesham which was a utter flop despite Sada being the lead actress. As everyone knows Telugu industry is known for more glamour and glitz and they exploit the heroines the best (next to Hollywood) :).

A movie is in the making called Mythili in Tamil and Mythiri in Telugu. The initial stills of the movies were released and it was pretty much decent and the next set of the stills were released showing Sada in spicy and sexy position with actor Navdeep. Navdeep must have had the time of his life enjoying Sada in this movie.

Click on the HQ images to expand

Exposing her Navel to Navdeep.

Navdeep licking his lips on seeding Sada's navel.

Sada keeping her body ready for the Hero. What a navel and armpit. muaahh!!!

Navdeep getting on top of Sada.

More Closer...

More and More Closerr......

Navdeep touching her body and look at the way she responds.

Higher.... Higher and give it a hard squeeze for the milk to come out.
Now looking into the eyes, giving a smooch kiss

Complete sets here

Sada enjoyed in a white saree, Blue saree and 2 peice bikini.

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Wonderful pics of Sada


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