Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ramya krishnan enjoyed by Upendra in Ratha Kaneeru Kannada Movie

Upendra biting and enjoying Ramya Krishnan from a Kannada movie Ratha Kaneeru. Kannada movie industry can merge with Tamil since they mostly remake their movies from Tamil.

 Ramya Krishnan is one of the most evergreen actress who has acted in most of the Indian languages.

In most of her movies, she has acted very glamorously and the actors had their luck in enjoying her hot body.

I really appreciate the director of this movie because the original never had these explicit scenes between M.R Radha and M.N Rajam. LOL....

Check out the Hot Gifs below of Ramya Krishnan getting sexploited by Upendra biting her cheeks, Chin and getting his torso licked and rubbing her lips. Total Annihilation!!!

 Click on the image to expand


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