Monday, November 26, 2012

Seetha Aunty Latest photos from Movies and functions

Seetha the tamil actress was in her prime during the 90's and had many movies in all the South Indian languages. She was very conservative and did not expose much unlike her contemporaries but she had a slim body, cute face but her boobs were small.

Now this aunty with fat body, slutty face and moderate boobs has evolved into a sexy Milf and she looks the best among her contemporaries who are over weight and not much attractive.
She may have a cute and innocent face but her character does not attribute the same.

Here is the details of the news which spread like fire of Bhuvaneshwari reavaling the truth about Seetha and other South Actresses.

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She divorced her Husband Partiban and married a TV star Satish. After that he was her pimp for bringing customer as per this article.

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Now you guys decide, why would anybody just relate her in the matter again and again.

Anyways Check out the Hot Stills of her in the Recent movies. Showing her fully draped in Saree itself can bring excitement to your favorite external organ. LOL

Yes, she is ready to pleasure the uncle.

Uncle wants Seetha's Milk.

Behind the Scenes,,,, Check the mirror the see behind Seetha

All the uncles standing behind are HARDDD

Face to be sprayed

All the perusus having good look at her back,

Full Size Body Show of Seetha Aunty

Click here to view the Uncensored Pic of the blue saree


Click here to view the Wanking tribute video given to Seetha Aunty


Anonymous said...

Ungaluku inum vayasagala aunty oru nightu unga kuda irukanum

Niamh Kelly said...

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