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Sindhu Tolani Hot Navel Kiss from Murattu Kalai

heSindhu Tolani a well known actress in Tamil and Telugu Cinema who started her career from Sullan Tamil movie with Dhanush and then later in Manmadhan.
She is one of my favorite actresses, cute and beautiful but at the same time she can be sexy too like the way we saw her in some of her movies.
Here we are talking about Sindhu Tolani from the movie Murattu Kalai. ‘No’ not the old one, but the remake one which released in the year 2012 starring Sundar C, Sneha and Sindhu tollani. It is pretty much the same story with Sundar C enacting the role of Rajnikanth with Sneha and Suman as a the villain which was originally done by Jaishankar.
Enough of the history of the movie, coming to the sensual part of the movie. It has 2 heroines Sneha and Sindhu tolani and they have shown enough glamour for the movie to at least run for week.
Sindhu Tolani tries hard on our Hero and tries to sedate him by creating the same snake bite scene which is followed for the last 3 decades in Tamil Cinema. Snake bites are normally in the leg as it is clear that the snake don’t have hands or legs to tilt up and hit you in the hip or chest area but in Tamil Cinema the snake always bites at the hip region and our Hero suck out the venom with their mouth.  You gotta be kidding me!!!
Same situation here, Sindhu tolani with the help of her colleagues thorn near her navel and shouts for Snake Snake Snake!!!. The Hero who is nearby arrives to the location and tries to help her but as he himself is afraid of snake too gets scared and then the heroine calms him down that the snake run away but had bitten in the hip.
She shows her hip and for your information she wears a short top which reveals a good amount of her tyre hips. She looks damn hot in that outfit with shapely boobs poking in the both the sides. She calls the hero and shows the bitten area and we get a clear closeup of her navel and then asks the hero to suck the venom. The hero who is not at all reluctant to mouth her hip pretends to be but later succeeds in mouthing the hip of Sindhu Tolani and should say a sexy pose by the heroine sitting with her hands behind offering the hips and her poking breasts for the Hero.
The hero sucks the venom and then she reciprocates with a sexy expression and then starts a hot song as usual.
Here are the Sexy caps of the the Snake Scene!!! BTW you cannot find any snake in these caps.

Sexy bbody

Would love to kiss those sweet lips!


Sexy and Mouthwatering hip

Showing the hip to Hero

Close up of the sexy navel
Sexy expressions by Sindhu Tolani

Hot and voluptous breasts waiting for a mouth.

Finally getting it done kissing Sindhu tolani's sexy hip. Wish I too can do that. Should have gone after the breasts once the hips are kissed.


Even the comedian gets a good look at her navel in close.

END of STORY. Will be back soon.

ssssssSindhu tonai hot and sexy boobs milk mulai

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