Saturday, April 20, 2013

Aamani from Honestraj (Part-2) Updated

More collages from the hot song of Aamani with Vijaykanth.
Just don't get enough of this movie...... and would never get bored of seeing Amani expose in this movie.
Vijaykanth did have a fun time with Aamani.
Wish the uncensored version of the whole movie is available somewhere.
Hot Gropings and rubbing each others body. Check how the hero is rubbing his duck i on Aamani's
Best of all, Just check out the expression of Aamani with the saree opening one side of her breast and the hero groping her harddd. ahhhhhhh

Click on the image for High Resolution
check out where the hero is putting his hands.

WOW. What are they doing.....
As a Bonus, check this video of Aamani from the same movie with Vijaykanth. These videos are not available in the DVD version of the movie.
Vijaykanth dreams of the hot song with Aamani and when it finishes, we see him laid in the bench swinger and having sexual thoughts. Then in the same imagination of the hero, you see Aamani coming to his house wearing a sexy saree with seductive looks and picking up his right hand and rubbing it on her navel. Asking for kichi kichi mutti vidunga mama.....
I have never seen a better Sex inducing scene in the history of Tamil Cinema...
Just Enjoy and Happy Wankinggggg.. EEEEE

Dry Humping ?????

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