Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sameeksha Hot Exposure with Srikanth from Mercury Pookal

This time I have come up with an analysis of another hot song and this one is of Sameeksha from the movie Mercury Pookal released during 2006 or 2007 can’t recollect properly. It is telecasted frequently in the TV channels and all of you might know about this movie.
The movie stars Srikanth, Meera Jasmine and Sameeksha but it flunged terribly in the box office due to poor story line. It is a family tale about how the problems crop up into married people’s lives.
Coming to the hot song of Sameeksha, she looks viciously hot with sweet lips and sexy expressions our, hero utilizes her well with tight hugs rubbing her hip with his hand and crushing her oh so precious breasts with his chest. We get to see Sameeksha in Saree but her pallu part of the saree is not worn throughout and then some hot wet action between the lead and then in a bathdub, not upto bollywood standards but still enough to raise your duck. ;)
A Short info, the song comes in the beginning of the movie right after the movie credits wherein the hero is actually dreaming with Sameeksha of groping and enjoying her and the song rightly ends when his father wakes him up but splashing water on his face and the rest of the movie is a complete bore so the director does not make us wait to watch half of the movie instead watch the song and make a move. Every movie should have this…..
Caps and sexy comments to compliment it.
The song starts with the hero grooming himself watching the mirror and then comes sameeksha in saree giving seductive looks and tempting the hero. She pours some wine in a glass and as usual her saree falls off revealing her mulai in tight blouse. The hero then gets horny and then they go on.
Sexy Looks of Sameeksha

Dropping her Saree and showing her hot cleavage.

Our Hero feeling the softness of her sexy breasts.

Pulling of her Saree

Letting the hero lay on her soft bossoms
Is she riding him?
What a sexy view of those tight bossoms in blouse.
Pressing the tip of her breasts and the hero going wild on her. Look how he hugs her tightly and kisses her neck.
A Swimming pool scene hence it should start which the heroine drenched in water and climbing up showing her wet body.

The hero puts his hand over her thighs and hips. Lucky hero.

She looks sexy in this
Kissing her chin. I would take a bite......
And getting cozy in the bathroom..................................
End of the Songgggg. Will be back soon. Till then ......

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