Friday, May 10, 2013

Shriya Exposure Series- Life is Beautiful (2012) Part-2

Okay, Part-2 of Shriya from Life is Beautiful starts here.

We were in the Flight journey of Shriya with the boy scene. It continues.

They keep talking and suddenly a jerk happens resulting in Shriya hitting on the boy.

Here is the kiss, you have been waiting for. The boy is just waiting and then a jerk happens and shriya lips pecks with the boy's lips ( That was a cheap act, giving a kiss to a teenage boy in the lips) Well, desperate to earn money even with no good offers.  If you have lot of money make a movie and she will be ready to kiss even you.....Cheeky

Love the way, she wets her lips with the tongue. As I observed, she does it frequently in many scenes in all of her movies. I would be happy to wet her lips. Laughing

Now in a modelling show, She never hesitates to reveal her cute cleavage...

Will Continue with Part-3


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