Friday, May 10, 2013

Shriya Saran Exposure Series- Life Is beautiful (2012) Part- 1

Okay Guys,

I am back and that too with a new concept. Shriya Exposure Series- in this I will be posting the images of Shriya and do an analysis on it.

Starting with Life Is beautiful a telugu drama film starred by some youngsters. Shriya had a mere Cameo role in the movie of raising duck of a teenage boy who is in love with her.

I watched the movie with the subtitles and did not understand what was going on the entire time, watched for only Shriya darling. I beleive that it is a bad decision by Shriya to do this movie but she did not disappoint us as this movie contains a little amount of exposure from Shriya. What will the director do by putting her in the movie, make her dance and kiss. Big_smile

As the movie was released in the year 2012, she looks a bit matured but I won't call it ageing. She looks fine and still rocks the cocks.

Click on the Images to Expand

First scene of Shriya, looking hot and exposing her thighs. 

Sexy Smile and face,

You see the chap standing near her is the lucky one in this movie.

Sexy Face closeups of Shriya, I am licking my computer screen.Embarrassed

Isn't She cuteeeeeeee.....

Look how the chap is staring at Shriya...( You will get your chance buddy)

Shriya allowing a teenage boy to feel her face, how lucky that boy issssss... If I was there, I would have brought her head and would bite her sexy lips.

Now starts the best segment of the movie for Shriya lovers.... Shriya kissing the boy. Not a full fledged smooch but a lip peck that too with the same teenage boy. I am sure he must have enjoyed that and I could not beleive how being a A list actress could do such scenes and that too with a small boy.

They are in flight and something goes wrong in the flight and starts shaking for them to kiss and then it goes back to normal. (Why the hell does it not happen with me!!)

Love her Tongue Gestures, really turns me on...


Due to less time, I will end here and will start with the rest of the series of Shriya from Life is beautiful in Part-2



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