Saturday, November 9, 2013

Priyaraman Hot Aunty Series W/ Reviews

Priyaraman- The Sexy and Cute Actress in her prime now the delicious South Indian MILF. Her Sexy face is enough to get a man to his knees and her breasts are just all day suckers. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

What a beauty? Enna Mollu mollu nu irruka.

So coming to the topic, just saw a hindi movie of Priyaraman with Mithun and it was good movie almost a remake of Tamil Cheran Pandian Movie but here the brother gets a pair and if its Priyaraman. You cannot ask for more. Not a big role for her in this movie but only for a horny song and as a pair for the Hero. I heard some where that she has a BF (Its just a rumour and no one has seen it)

Coming to the Movie.
We have a Hero who is not interested in sex sorry in Priyaraman so she tries to seduce him by the same formula of dragging him in the woods and putting up a sexy dance and making him feel the softness of her breasts. LOL

Priyaraman showing a hint of cleavage and going after the Hero to quench her thirst. 

She is one hell of a lady one slutty look and you want to become her slave and that too a sexual slave :)

Now for some animated images, here goes Priyaraman making hot Tongue Gestures and Her lips are so voluptuous that you want to bite it.

Wish I could taste those.........

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Vijaraj said...

I love this lady....


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