Monday, November 4, 2013

Raksha/ Rani Hot South Indian Actress - Sexy Movie Scenes with Reviews- 2

Now the next one is from Nattamai-Tamil

1) The unforgettable scene of a teacher who tries to seduce the hero by showing sexy tongue gestures and dashing at him for no reason.

Sexy Look and erect breasts.

2) The Second Scene of the movie, where Raksha is wrapped in a towel and low chest or should I say breast and hugging the hero. She looks damn fine is cleavage exposure and kind of a sexual expression.

3) Now for the best scene, Raksha faking a body collapse and laying down with her saree stripped. Sexy Cleavage exposure in Saree with Navel show as well.
If  I was the hero, I would have made out with her then and there. What about you guys??

What a Bastard Hero, making Raksha Cry. :D

Now from the Hindi Version of the Movie named as Bulandi. Good as she was the one who enacted the same role in Hindi.
Which is better???

You decide.....

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