Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kutty Radhika - HD Kumaraswamy

This is not a pic post but a small discussion.

While browsing the internet, there was somebody who mentioned that Kutty Radhika as she is called had married HD Kumarasamy, initially I thought Kumarasamy is of High Definition LOL.

I searched for this pic and when I saw the below pic, I was just shocked and almost fell out my chair. 
Thinking How is this possible?
It is widely know that actresses after the end of their career will marry a bigshot and get settled and more often that bigshot will not be that handsome and also a bit aged (FACT).

But here the story is entirely different. What led to this linkup and marriage. I searched for the articles regarding this but could not find anything just the one in Wikipedia which says she was first married to some guy at the age of 14 in the year 2000 and it was all messed up.

And the thing which strikes me is that the husband is 2 times the size and AGE of this actress....

I am not complaining against anyone but this one surely is a peculiar one. I don't if it was a match made in heaven but I doubt it is a match made by money. If that's true then guys the moral of the story is 

You just need Money Money Money. (Just like Ajith says in Mankatha.. ew) and then you get what you want.

Some of her notable films are 2003 Tamil movie named Iyarkai with Shyam was her debut inTamil followed by Varnajaalam and a lot of Kannada movies as that is her origin.

Happy Couple- :D

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