Thursday, January 9, 2014

Anushka Sharma Or Guy Fawkes Mask

Browsing the internet to present a good article (LOL) for the readers, I saw a picture of Anushka Sharma and her new lips given by the doctor, instantly a face popped up in my VISUAL mind and that was of the Guy Fawkes mask mostly used in comments section and in forums.

You Judge......

The Eyes, Eye brows, Nose, Lips and face sans moustache. How did she do it? Brilliant!!!!
She was better with her natural girl next door looks, now she has all messed up just like Priyanka Chopra whose Nose and Lips look like they have altered far too much. And one thing common is that both look not so beautiful.

Trying to be like the Hollywood actors! And copying their styles.. 
It should be in you to become such. The best of beauties who did not go under the scissor still look fine till this day. You know who...

Anushka sharma ugly and haters

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