Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rachana Hot Bed Scene with Suman Again. (Hot Saree Strip, Navel and Blouse Show)

Suman always gets the best of the heroines he is acting with for that matter most of the heroes get the best.

I saw the clip in the internet and was searching for this for a long time probably from 2011 and then I found it today. Yes and thought of posting for my dear visitors. :D

Rachana banerjee (My Darling!!) had acted with Suman in two movies I guess! The first Peddamanushulu was such a scorcher with Hot scenes of Rachana Banerjee getting enjoyed like hell and you can find the pics by clicking on the image below

Wonder how they clicked the pictures and released it, coz the movie had some social message about racial discrimination (that's what I think not sure) After watching these pics she was my biggest crush in my adolescence and even till now such a beautiful woman. Wish they had released the uncensored version of the scene as these scenes in the pictures were cut but atleast they released these images. Thanks to them.

Moving forward

This is from another movie of Suman and Rachana and you can see Suman trying to ride on Rachana as he usually likes to .

Check the pictures through the link below

Enjoy the pics

Look at those pointed breasts of Rachana in Black blouse, The hero should have taken a bite.

What a beautiful  A S S she has.. 

Thats all Folks.

Check for regular Updates....

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