Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 21 -Seetha Aunty Actress Hot Saree, Blouse Boobs and Back pics

Another Sexy Update of Seetha Aunty Sexy breast caps.

To be honest, I have never seen her wearing stylish sarees and blouse during her prime in the 90's but now look at this S L U T wearing all the famous shiny sarees and exposing her sexy curves.

Throughout this serial, she remains to be calm, innocent and naive but in real life she is just a slutty lady after divorcing actor Partiban. I am not her neighbor to comment on her like this but you can find it out by yourself when you watch in some Telugu reality show Ali 369 where she is the guest with actor Bhanuchander. In that show you can see Bhanuchander hitting on her and she is boldly doing stuff which the tamil audience (Who have always seen her homely) will surely find it offensive. In one of the round, they have some bull riding contest and in that Bhanuchandar is riding her.

Am sure Bhanuchandar must have taker her out after the show for Bang Bang Bang. 

You can find the Video link at the end of the page but till you reach the end, try not to come :D

Click on the pics for High resolution

Enna Designer blouse

What a Saree and blouse choice! Look at her sexy Bra Strap

Seetha Punda Sorry Kondaya Parunga.

Look at the sexy wide back, not even a single blemish. Just like Vadivelu says "Ella podama Appadiya Sappidala.

Check the glass in uncle's hand, it that .

Look at that erect posture of those breasts, Cameraman must have wanked off after the shoot.

Click on me to view the video link.

Thats all Folks.


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