Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sonakshi Sinha Hot Cleavage and Dirty Teeth!

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While browsing the internet and searching for some good content to be put on. I came across these pics of Sonakshi where she is taking money to do some appearance (We don't care what it is for).

She is dressed in a white gown with a low chest cleavage cut. You can see it for your self and damn she looks so sexy with her flat chest. Nowadays I have found a ting for such small breasted women.

As the title says, I did notice something unusual which you will not find in High resolution pics of Celebrities. Check out the pics of Sonakshi below especially the 2nd and 3rd pic where she smiles and shows her tartar built up Teeth. It looks Yucky I would say.

We can understand that it happens to everyone and being a celebrity she could have atleast visited the dentist once in a while. She might be sucking off someone but atleast check the mirror after you have done and when you brush your teeth. 

There was a news saying she was teased for her big forehead but atleast she could have done something here.

No Wonder she has not done a Lip lock in Bollywood, may be the actors were the one who opposed to kiss her. :D 

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Small pouch in the chest.

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hot pics


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