Friday, September 26, 2014

Vichitra Hot Saree and Breasts in Blouse (Blu ray Caps)

Posting a Vichitra cap after a long time and this time I have to tell you about the development.

It is from Muthu Tamil movie Blu ray version. This copy was actually released in Japan due to the large fan following for Rajni and Meena and it was released by the Japanese. The Blu ray version does look like a Blu ray unlike the upscale copies which they sell as Blu ray. 

Whatever you say, Japanese are the best when it comes to technologies.

I remember some movies getting released in Blu ray version after patch up work or they like to call it the restoration. It was crappy especially the ones from Pyramid Tamil. They have the worst copies of the movies. I don't understand if Pyramid tamil are the official right holder for Home video of those movies then why don't they have a decent copy. Most of the Pyramid Tamil movies are fit to be VCD's and they upscale it to DVD's and because of that lot of good movies have to watched in their VCD like quality as there are no other alternatives. 

No. There is a alternative like Sun network which broadcasts movies in HD and agree it or not, they don't upscale but it is the true 720p copy of the movies ( Movies before 2006 were shot in . It is actually a good thing that Sun network acquired good copies of those movies and in India when it comes to South only they are the one broadcasting in HD for Tamil and Telugu.

Anyway here are the caps of sexy Vichitra in Saree and blouse.

These are 1080p capture, click on it to open in full resolution.

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