Friday, October 31, 2014

Sudha Telugu Aunty Hot Caps (Blouse breast and Hip show)

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For this generation, you might know this lady as acting as mother for all the heroes in Telugu and Tamil Movies. Rewind back to 15-20 years, she was an aspiring actress trying to make it big in the South Cinema Industry. If you ask, she is worth being a mainstream lead actress but she was unfortunate and could not get hold of good roles, instead of coming as a sidekick and pairs for comedians. But at least after she aged she did rise up with meaty roles in movies which had some weight-age for a Mother role

That's the problem with South Cinema Industry, once a sidekick will always be a sidekick. Very few were able to break the obstacles and make it big.

I am not sure if she debuted in Tamil or Telugu as there is no legitimate article of her. Even trying to search for her is a big pain as google gives results of other actresses with same names like Sudharani, Sudha Chandran. I believe it was in Tamil as Guru Shishyan released in 1988 where she was doing a cameo kind of role getting raped by the villain Radha ravi and then came Gangleader in Telugu 1991. 

Okay enough of her history, let me come to the point. 

She is a good looking lady and certainly deserved to be in mainstream roles with the likes of Gautami, Khusboo and so on. The below posted caps are from the movie Pen Puthi Mun Puthi starring Ramki and Gautami and Sudha is paired with Senthil. There is this scene where senthil romances with her and she is wearing transparent half saree (eww) with yellow blouse and her breasts looks wonderful. Initially 

I could not find a nice clear print of this movie as the ones available were of dark shade and doesn't reveal much. Finally I searched and searched and found it from somewhere with a decent print (Thanks to that uploader). You could have seen this scene as this was meant to be a comedy scene with Senthil in popular Tamil comedy channels.

During the romance, Senthil stares at her breasts and this surely turns me on with the gestures he makes. I have capped it nicely and you can view it in the caps below.

Please reply and let me know your comments.

Here goes the Caps.

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