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Tamil Serial Aunty Series 24- Yuvashree Hot Kiss and sexy face closeups

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Just thought that I have to write something in this blog and make this a quality blog (which it already is :D) instead of just posting stills of actresses from here and there.

While browsing the internet, I came across some content and that is of a Tamil serial actresses which are most viewed in this blog. This specific serial was broadcasted in Sun Tv during the 1999-2000s . It is a Kavithalaya production( I hope you know who is running that, if you don't know then know it, Its K Balachandar)

This serial is not a 3 year running serial but just a 5 episode serials like Short serials with a good story. I certainly believe that these short running serials are better instead of having a 1000 episode serial where the people age in the serial yeah why not if it keeps running for 5 years and at a point of time the interest factor gets removed.

Coming to the Serial, the actress name is Yuvashree who has been acting for almost 2 decades in serials as she did not get good star value in mainstream movies but nonetheless she is a worthy actor. I got interested in watching the serial after I knew Yuvashree from her softcore Mallu movie where she gets violated ;0 in the movie where she is in bed in a towel and kissed like anything from head to toe.
I will give out the Video link at the bottom.

The story starts like this, we have a couple with 2 children and suddenly the husband gets ill and is admitted to a hospital. After the examination, he is found to have an incurable disease and it is informed to the wife by the doctor. The wife doesn't want her husband to know about the disease as it will affect her husband mentally and wants him to live happy till he is alive. But as she has two children she starts thinking about their future and tries to plan and make budget of all sorts. The husband gets furious on her by the way she is reacting nowadays. He visits the doctor and asks him for the details of why he was admitted. While going through his individual medical file, he comes to know that there has been a mistake and it is was a great mistake. The names were interchanged between two patients and the husband had somebody else's medical file. After informing it to the Doctor, he verifies it through the hospital back office and it is indeed the wrong file and it has been interchanged. The doctor apologizes to the husband but he was infuriated and yelled at the doctor almost creating a brawl among themselves.

Returning home, he understand why his Wife has been reacting like that all the time and he gets into a brawl with his wife. At the end, after some involvement by the children, both the husband and wife set off their anger and settle down happily.

It was a nice story and had a good happy ending. Now what does it have to be posted in Southmasalapic the No.1 Masala blog (I don't think many will agree on this :D)

First thing is Yuvashree acting as a middle aged aunty was great. She looked sexy way hotter than the way she looked in her movies. The husband role was enacted by Thalaivasal Vijay. ( If you don't realize who it is then this just ring a bell, the same guy who sang Meenakshi Meenakshi Annan kadhal enna achi or acting as a father for Dhanush in his first movie)

There is a good mix of some sensuality in this serial, in the serial, it is the Husband's birthday and the wife woke him up with a flower, but the husband like any other asks for something else as a present. 
The Wife then shies off and says she will not give him. Now this makes us think what the present the husband requested for, If you ask me, he might have requested for a BJ or an Anal S :D or a Tittee Fuk.

There are some touching scenes which is a taboo in Tamil serials till date leave alone the Hindi Serials where she have gone to the extent of liplocking. Back to the Serial, Now again it is their wedding anniversary and the wife requests what he wants, So the husband replies saying that he never got what he asked for his birthday why is she again asking him for. The Wife gets compassionate for the Husband (who is supposed to die soon) and starts kissing him in his cheeks, forehead and lips as well.
This much itself was kind of too much for Tamil Serials, you can't expect for more. :D

You can check the sexy Yuvashree caps below and if you want to watch the serial, please ask in the comments.

Here comes the Best part...

You can view the Yuvashree video by clicking here

Thats All Folks. See you Soon.

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