Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tamil Serial Aunty Series NO 25th Special Post Part-1 ( Sukanya, Rajashree, Vandhana, Brindha Das)

Hello Everybody,

Its time up for the best of the best. Tamil Aunty Series had reached quarter century that is post number 25 in South Masala Pic Blog. I started this series just for sake of putting it on but overtime it became a kind of duty for me to post whenever I am free. And I am happy that it has reached a milestone of 25 Posts.

The Tamil Aunty series always had good reception and it shows in the page views. 
So I decided to commemorate this Silver Jubilee but how?

I was thinking and thinking and thinking........

I know, I will post a mixed bag of all the Tamil Serial Aunties in the 25th post. Since there will be two many pics in a single post (and I am lazy to arrange the images instead of posting it in a single line) It will be a 2 post special.

And in these 2 posts, the below mentioned actresses will be featured.

  • Seetha
  • Sukanya
  • Rajashree
  • Deepa Venkat
  • Vandhana
  • Brindha Das
  • Nithya Das
  • Kausalya

Starting from Brindha Das showing her Navel.

Sukanya Aunty retaliating with showing her breasts and Navel in Saree.

Check out the sexy white hip and navel of Sukanya 

Sexy Figure Vandhana showing her part.

Small Part of Rajashree showing in Transparent Saree.

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Arjun Aju said...

hey post the legend kr vijaya pics


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