Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tamil TV Show Antharangam

Hello Everyone

It is time I do something that really can help someone instead of just posting Masala pics of women who we lust on.

Well, I could start a new blog and talk about that but the reason I am posting it here is because to increase self awareness among my readers about sex and masturbation.

We eventually tend to release the load by watching alluring pics and videos of actresses in the internet especially from Southmasalapic blog :D and then sometimes this gets into an addiction. An addiction which is a bit difficult to get away with.

Nowadays most of them say that Masturbation is not good at all but I would not favor any side.

Masturbation is good for

1) When you have to relieve your sexual tensions when living abroad say like expatriates living away from their family.

2) To keep your private part functioning in the proper way as if there is lack of any sexual activity for a long time, your private part might not work the way you wanted it to work. You can simply say to be like a well oiled machine.

3) You don't get boners at the least unwanted times like when you are helping out your female subordinate.

4) To keep yourself focused as till you release your load, you might get stuck with the fantasies and ruin a lot of time.

I would say Excess Masturbation is not good at all as it can severely damage your body and your mental strength.

Oh man, I am writing something which I did not have in mind when I thought of starting this post.

It was about the show called Antharangam which was telecasted as late night shows in premier tamil TV channels.

There are people who have problems when it comes to sex can gain a lot of information from this show.

It is hosted by a lady with a doctor. Her name is Girija Sri, looks good but she is slutty as hell. The way she speaks OMG you will never see a lady talk like this except a prostitute. Only the men with problems call up and the way she makes fun of them is hilarious and ecstatic.

Anyway you can search for the show with keyword Antharangam which means Intimacy in English (I guess correct me if I wrong)

Anyway one of the episode.

Please feel free to write your comments about this blog.

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