Friday, October 9, 2015

Neetu Chandra Hot cleavage stills and Video W/ my Review

Hello guys

This post was long time in the making but due to my laziness did not think of posting it. 

In India, the craze for celebrities is phenomenal. Most of the people are stupid as they spend their money and time on celebrities which include cricketers and Film stars then looking after their families.  For launching any store or anything they tend to look for celebrities and pay them a KOKA of money normally translated as suitcase of money to get the public attraction.

Here we have the luscious Neetu Chandra for opening a Yoga centre. This lady has a martial art background and I don't know why the people chose her for opening a Yoga center which is contrasting. Okay. Neetu chandra is called and given money for the launch now how does she pull the eyeballs. Yes, I know show her breasts which every man or a youngster crave for.

You can see it in the below video and pictures.

A review from me, with the video playing down

If you see in this video, she is wearing a low neck gown revealing half of her breasts except the nipple end of her sagging breasts, This will actually create a kind of public attraction among youngsters and men who crave for these bi*tches. 

If you check out this video, the first 8 seconds is that the Neetu Chandra named Rand is shown pulling up her top and saying F*ck off to the camera Man which can be seen in the reflecting mirror. May be her nipple was showing up and she was trying to hide it and then after the 8 second she is completely normal pulling up her hair strands over her breasts. - Kudos to the Cameraman ( God bless this guy)

And then she is posing up with her half exposed breast to the camera and then cutting the ribbon of the Yoga center having a fake smile which she must have learnt from acting movies. Neetu Chandra is one S L U T who wants attention of dicks from all males, remember the lesbian photoshoot which she made again to please the Indian dicks.

You  must have wanked for this a number of times just like me and thought of playing and sucking of those sweet melons of Neetu Chandra ( who currently does not have any market). 

Keep checking this post for the stills

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