Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 34 (Jangri Madhumitha Hot Saree Navel and Side boobs show)

Presenting to you!!!! Another fantastic update in Tamil Serial Aunty series and I feel this is a milestone in this blog. 

As I have already posted the promo, you must be aware who is going to be featured in this Tamil Serial Aunty Series of

Yes! It is the Then Adaaaaa. Madhumitha often referred as Jangri Madhumitha.

About this actress, I never know about her before she featured in tamil movie OK OK as Santhanam's pair but I did not notice her much as she was a side kick. Her popularity had grown tremendously because of this movie but the scenes which had the hero regurgitating when taking a glimpse of her face. She is not that good looking but has good structure and wonderful figure right from breasts to  A s s. Also you must have seen her in the movie Attakathi seducing the Hero in the Bus, where she invites the hero to grope her in a moving bus- even that scene was famous due to its E rotic nature and it was a little vulgar in my opinion may be that is why the scene was censored in the actual DVD version of the movie. 

She is doing good in movies and also acting serials. But one thing I did not like about her is that in every interview she laments about only male comedians being in the spotlight and they take away all the thunder and the female comedians like her don't get much spotlight. She should understand that she got the opportunity and became a well known face among movie goers now she has to act well and get more grip over her standing as a female comedian even this all depends upon how she is used in movies by director and writers (No double entedre here). Anyway best of luck for her future as we wish to see more of her. (You know what)

Coming to the serial, she has put on a lot of makeup to look fair and she somewhat looks good from the face but her sexy body is the highlight point being enhanced through wonderful designer sarees. She kind of overacts with her reaction and it seems she is trying very hard but she made me hard on the process. She is cautious on exposing her hip and often seen covering here and there but sometime she misses and I don't miss it.

As this is a special post and as we have a new entrant for the superhit Tamil Serial Aunty Series. I decided to post both collages and full screen captures together.

Enjoy..... Also post your comments below.

Enjoy this Jangri and Take care.........................................................................................................


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