Thursday, June 4, 2015

Maggi Noodles To be banned - Madhuri Dixit gets FIR by Court.

A Non- Masala Article but kind of informative.

I seriously can't believe whats happening with Maggi Noodles from Nestle the one which you all know from the time you started schooling or before that but it doesn't matter.

I still have memories of having Maggi in my tiffin box and when you open it used to be in chunk taking the shape of the box but still it was enjoyable considering you were really Hungry.

Maggi has been the synonymous of  Instant noodles from the 90's however we had few competitors back then and the only one that comes to my mind is Top Ramens (Smoodles- they call it coz they claim it was smooth) but it was not a worthy competitor for Maggi in this segment nor it had a enviable demand but though I like it more than Maggi.

Maggi was considered to be the next choice in scenarios where there is nothing to eat at home when you come after a long tour or even as a evening munch for your stomach.

With the growing popularity and increasing awareness Maggi changed its tactics and introduced few new products like the Oats noodles and whole wheat noodles and many more. But it missed on something ---- Quality of the product.

Nestle might have thought that in India anything sells if you show the face of popular celebrities and the stupid population will buy it. That is not stupid to be honest but the faith and trust the people have on these celebrities.

Maggi's Next Ad with Madhuri

You might have seen the ads where Madhuri is shown waking up her children in the morning and gyrating in a song and asking them to eat Maggi which is high in fibre and protein ( but in fact it is high in Lead and MSG). 

I can understand that the celebrities normally check for the brand name which they are promoting in Ads and here you have Maggi from Nestle- World's renowned brand. So it kind of actually levels their celebrity status with the brand. But for a second did they even see what kind of product it is and the hygiene reports relating to the food. It can be a normal perception in this scenario where a product which had been in the top spot during its entire tenure and never had a complaint and you can blindly go ahead and promote it.

First thing when the Maggi controversy cropped up, I thought why don't they catch hold of these celebrities who sing and dance to sell this product and bang on!!! Madhuri who is Maggi's current brand ambassador gets a court notice for promoting a venomous product in the name of Maggi Noodles.

Now she is facing the wrath among the people for supporting a toxin product from every mother who thought this is a good food for their children. Remember the Rajakumari ad of Maggi, it was such a nice Ad but for a not so nice product.

This is actually a good lesson for these celebrities who just blindly go ahead and do ads for Crores of money using their status of being a film star and making people eat something that is not good for them.

I am ending this article with a salute to the Food inspector who had caught this first and reported in country like India (which is known for corruption) He could have got bribed and this controversy might have never bloomed. He actually saved many children's health as they are the ones who consume Maggi noodles more than adults as per the SouthMasalapic survey. (LOL)

For people who are not aware of what MSG and Lead found in Maggi can do.

MSG - Mono Sodium Glutamate

It is same as salt, pepper and vinegar but it actually stimulates the brain and makes you fell that the food is very tasty when you eat it. MSG can be added in food but upto a limited level and the usage of MSG has been restricted in many countries. 
But remember the Chinese food which is available in the streets also use these and which you should keep it mind and do not often make a habit of eating foods there. 
MSG is considered to be a big deal as you might have seen in Potato chips packets and other salted savories available in the market indicating NO MSG


It is the main culprit here devastating to the human body, inhibiting oxygen and calcium transport and altering nerve transmission in the brain. . The lead builds up in soft tissue -- kidneys, bone marrow, liver, and brain -- as well as bones and teeth. Lead absorption rates vary; the gastrointestinal tracts of adults typically absorb 10-15 percent of ingested lead, while those of pregnant women and children can absorb up to 50 percent.


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Then your Goddess should not promote such toxic products.


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