Friday, June 12, 2015

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 32 (Nagalakshmi Aunty showing her belly and side view in saree)

Time for another post in the Tamil Serial Aunty Series.

This lady made her debut in this series long time back when it was getting started. I love this woman, actually she is kind of the sweet typical Tamil Aunty you will find in your neighborhood with the perfect south indian face and a neat body to go with it. She has been in the Tamil serial field for quite sometime. She used to be slim and posses a good structure but nowadays she seems to be bloated but still looks sexy. After putting some weight, she normally appears in the mother or mother in law character in Tamil serials which sucks, earlier she used to be in housewife character.

Anyway too much of talking here, you can see the caps below and relish. I have again tried cropping the pics and gathering the good ones together. Hope you like and don't forget to leave your comment.

Click on the image for full resolution. 

Time to go back to 6-7 years, Nagalakshmi Aunty was featuring many serials and this is one of them where she was a negative character wearing lot of make up and looking ecstatic.

She is saying- That's All for now and so am I


Anonymous said...

pls mention serial name & Episode also please post GIF images _/\_

Thasaradha Rao said...

Yes, plz tell what serial this..


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