Saturday, July 18, 2015

Asha Sarath- A Paragon for Beauty

So what is Beauty, according to the dictionary it means a combination of qualities such as shape, form or color that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. This lady Asha Sarath truly deserves to be called a Beauty and that is a 100% authentic Mallu beauty.

Just watch Papanasam Tamil movie starring Kamal Haasan but I had already lost the suspense to the Malayalam version Drishyam and if you ask me to compare. I would just say No Way- Both Kamal and Mohanlal have done justice to the role in their own way and they are incomparable (Venkatesh did a pretty good job too in the Telugu version). And then we had Gautami (the dream queen of her times) making a comeback after a long hiatus, everybody thought it was planned as it had Kamal Haasan.  Gautami looked a tad old and did not have her old grace but you can't blame her as she has hit middle age and also her recovery from Cancer. Talking about Middle age, it should be around the above 40 mark and we had another actress in the movie in this age group and her name is Asha Sarath. As per wikipedia, she used to work in Malayalam Serials and she is a trained classical dancer. 

I have to admit, the whole time Asha Sarath was in the screen, I could not take my eyes off her and adore her beauty. A typical Mallu beauty with thick eyebrows, sharp eyes, pointy nose and good proportioned lips. I was not disturbed( in a good way) while watching Drishyam but in Papanasam she looked better and more younger. 

My filthy side of mind started thinking about any exposure of her in the movie but it was not there and being at the age of 40, you can't expect her to act in duets in movies even if she gets a good meaty role. 

I don't know but most of the ladies who are trained in Classical dances have such intoxicating look that can melt the strongest of man.

I would say she is a late found Gem of South Indian Cinema and hope to see her more in the screen.

You can also adore this beauty in the pics below

I have to say that in this particular pic, she resembles more of Kamalini Mukherjee..

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