Monday, July 20, 2015

Kangana Ranaut Hot cleavage show in Rampwalk

Kangana Ranaut

She is really an epitome for the name Beauty. 

I just watched her interviews telling her story of coming from a Village and making it big in Bollywood. She is always talked about not being under the wings of any Khans to enter stardom like Aishwarya, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone who literally sucked on their ducks to make their way. 

When it comes to beauty, she is no distant from anybody of those mentioned above. Kangana has enhanced her acting skills so much that she could soon be a cast in a big Hollywood movie, why not? 
She has the looks and everything but no EGO and very down to earth person which I really liked about this babe. Also her recent news about rejecting a fairness cream ad just nailed her in my heart. Where in other actresses would have just put everything in their kitty and sell it to the people and make crores of money.

I still remember her role in Dhaam Dhoom and God! She looked so angelic in the songs especially Anbe en Anbe. I really hope to see her make it big in Hollywood than others.

Anyway enjoy the pics of her Rampwalk from recent BMW event.

Thats all Folks--- See you soon in the next post..

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Jaquar said...

Cuteness overloaded is Kangana


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