Friday, July 3, 2015

Nayantara Hot Captures from Idhu Namma Aalu (Sexy face of Nayantara)

Hello Everybody,

I thought of giving an Update on a famous actress named Nayantara.

She entered in Tamil movies during the year 2005 and started getting the best in the business. She was plump but beautiful and had a love affair with STR for sometime during the Vallavan days. She had to be the only actress in Tamil during the decade to have 3 Tamil movie release in the same date and that was on Diwali 2006 with Vallavan, E and Thalaimagan. It was indeed a big feat for an actress as per my memory I don't think any other actress had this achievement.

After the Love break up with STR she went in a hiatus and came back with a bang in Billa with a toned body and looked good only for her tummy looking as if it was surgery ridden. She again started ruling the roost in Tamil and Telugu cinema with good releases with big stars of both the industry. Then came Villu with that came another affair for her with director Prabhu Deva, there started the chaos with Prabhu deva's wife threatening to protest and they did with the Mahalir groups. She was shown in bad light as being a mistress and trying to steal a man from his wife. She was slammed in the media like anything. And things changed and she broke up Prabhu deva as well even after going upto marriage with her changing religion.

After another Love break, she was lying low for sometime and again came back with a bang with Raja Rani with a more voluptuous look and believe me she look terrific.

Now why am I giving her career summary which is well known to all. It is to indicate that she has been evolving well with good maturity and her beauty has multiplied a lot in her comebacks. In other words, more cock more beautiful.  She is also known to be spending a lot to keep her face youthful, yeah that is obvious as to survive as an actress you need to do that.

She is like a wine which tastes better when it ages. I have to agree she looks the best now from her time line of looks with good figure and sexy puffed cheeks compared to Shriya who possessed those earlier but with going overboard on being slim and slim now looks old and as if she is suffering from some kind of disease. Women should actually loosen up a little as they age to make them look good.

You all know men are attracted to breasts, hip, navel, A ss of women but there are women who just can make you erect with their sexy face and Nayantara is one of them.

Just watched her movie Nanbenda and damn she looked so good in that. I wished to use my mouth on her face. It can sometimes make you to run to the bathroom and that sort of power it possess.

So to check my theory, you can view the images below of her face closeup and tell me the results in the comments. BTW the below caps are 4K resolution caps.

That all folks, And take care 

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