Friday, July 17, 2015

Nithya Menon Hot Pics in Tight boobs Tshirt and others from various events (High resolution)

Nithya Menon

She is one of the rising star in South Indian Cinema. The first time I saw her photo, two things stricken me right away and those are : Thick Eyebrows and Big Juicy Breasts. She is kind of more dedicated to Telugu Cinema where she got her break and has a decent market, but could not sustain well in Tamil Cinema until the recent movies OK Kanmani and Kanchana2.

She is a pretty actress with doll like face, it would be good if she does something to enhance her figure instead of turning into a rice sack (Arusi Mutta) which we call fondly for anybody who is a little overweight. 

I don't know but she has a strange resemblance with late actress Soundarya, something tells me that she has a similar facecut with nose and lips of Soundarya. Tell me what you think in the comments section.

Anyways here are her High resolution pics from recent Events showing her sexy body in skin tight dress, well if you have taken a measurement higher, it wouldn't be squeezing out your body .

Just check the pics of the white costume, somewhere you can see her hook stretching out giving a sneak peak of her bra and boobs.

Take Care guys as I am sure there are not much girls checking this blog. :D

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Vegita213 said...

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