Friday, July 24, 2015

Sonia Agarwal Hot Captures and Stills from Palakkad Madhavan Tamil Movie

This has to be the most instantaneous update in as I can't resist Sonia Agarwal's hot charms in the movie Palakkad Madhavan.

Vivek who was once a numero  uno comedian in Tamil Cinema had lost his fame to young talents and now acting mostly as a character artist in movies. This post is about the movie Palakkad Madhavan and if it has to be posted in Southmalapic then it should have some good content and it has. Vivek is the hero of the movie and what happens when you are a hero, you get a heroine to romance and we have Sonia Agarwal to fill up the role. 

Sonia Agarwal, once a upcoming heroine in Tamil Cinema and even acted with Vijay in Madurai quit the industry after marrying director Selva Raghavan. For director Selva Raghavan she was certainly a trophy wife. As per me, Marriage was a bad decision for Sonia Agarwal as she was going steady in Film industry but chose to marry this idiot and spoil her life. Okay fine, they got married but atleast they could have lived a good life. No they divorce after 4 years of marriage. Now she is just sticking in Film industry and getting some small roles here and there. Selva Raghavan on the other side married for the second time and living happily.

I really wish if she also gets married soon and settles down instead of doing item numbers and character roles.

Anyway coming to the movie Palakkad Madhavan, there are some nice intimate scenes between the lead pair Vivek and Sonia. Vivek had his time with Sonia agarwal, we get to see a Navel pinch and Hip squeeze scene (It has been so long since we saw such scenes in the U rating dominated Tamil movies). Sonia has been quite liberal in the movie showcasing her sexy navel in nice sarees.

I have captured the best scenes nicely and arranged it for your licking (I mean Liking). Click on the images for full resolution.

First enjoy these Hot Gifs and then continue with the caps

Some dirty talk from Vivek saying "Enna Iddupu di unakku, Ileana iduppu madhiri"

To download the Video of the sexy scenes, click me

Thats All Folks, Enjoy the Day

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