Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 31 ( Kavitha Solairaja Hot Side view of Boobs) Updated with new pics


It's time for another post in Southmasalapic Blog sponsored by Bidvertiser Ads.

We have another new entrant in this series, that is Kavitha Solairaja. I hope you know her, even if you don't you will recognize as soon as you see the pics. 

This lady has done some B grade stuff in the beginning of her career but not that explosive.  She was a regular for a heroine's friend in movies during the late 90's. I have seen her in En swasa katre accompanying Isha Kopikar is some scenes. One thing about this lady, she never aged till now looks the same may be it is her make up I don' know but she looks good.

Unlike my earlier post where I just bombarded you with pics, I have capped it frame by frame, cropped and merged the right part which everyone wants to see. I hope I can continue this in the future.

To give an overview of the below pic, you see Kavitha showing her petite boobs in side view through blouse. These are very rare and you should appreciate me for getting this pics to ya.

Enjoy the pics by clicking on it for High resolution

Some new updated pics of this cute babe showing her side boobs

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