Monday, July 13, 2015

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 35- Rani Hot Side boobs Show in Saree blouse with Navel glimpse

Everyone bow down to the Queen of Tamil Serials.

I hope you understood why I meant Queen as her name is Rani is what in Tamil translates too and indeed she is the uncrowned queen of Tamil Serials

She is the most impeccable TV Artist Tamil Serials have seen. What a command she possesses over the character she plays. Be it a good or bad character, she nails everything fine. Antagonistic is what she excels in and she is seen the same way in most of her serials. I would not say she could have gone to mainstream movies as there are not much movie where you have a female antagonist. She is the perfect bill for Tamil Serials and has shown it to us a number of times.

Coming to her physical appearance, She is damn sexy and has every portion of her body in the right proportion unlike the water drums you see in most of the Serial. Watching her in Saree is what any Serial lover would want with her sudden turns here and there showing a glimpse of her navel and side  boobs can be found in the internet. 

An interesting Trivia I would like to share about her is that the voice over for her is done by somebody else but it matches her in the best possible way. How I know that?- Saw her in some reality show in TV where I found this. Also she has two sisters who are again into Tamil Serials and are also playing as antogonist/Villain. I have seen them in some TV show but could not remember their name.

She already made an appearance in the Tamil Aunty series before when it was in its hatching stage and now again in its adolescent stage I would say.

Here goes the caps, I have done the cropping and combining stuff to give out only the good part. Hope you like it and let me know what you have to say in the Comments Section.

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 Thats all folks. Enjoy and Take care

Be Happy all the time.


Anonymous said...

I love her so much please do provide more info. about her.

Admin said...

We too love this lady. Please wait for her in the next post in Southmasalapic blog

Anonymous said...

Great job, try to post her back side also. Her back is very hot


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