Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vidya Serial actress from Valli Serial Hot Navel Stills

Ok Guys

Another update. I have been posting lot of movie stills for sometime and taking a break to post something about Tamil Serial beauties ( This won't come under the Tamil Serial Aunty series as there are no captures)

This is about Actress Vidya from Valli Serial shown in Sun TV. She is a Mallu and has done serials in Malaylam, I am grateful to the director or whoever is responsible for making her act in this Tamil serial.  She has the beautiful Girl next door look and she just vandalizes me with her good looks and sexy figure.  I did some research and found that she did some low budget Tamil movie as well which did not fared well and was not even noticed, in the movie, she appears to be the same as I have glorified before.

My first impression on seeing her was- WOW such a cute looking lady with sexy thick lips, long eyebrows.  Wish I could get her but NO she is already taken And then I was like What the Puck!!!. She is very conservative in the serial and no exposing of her hips or side boobs to a inch, always well dressed and only area exposed is her neck to face. 

But the below pics are not like that. You get to see her sexy plump navel and her sexy boobs wrapped inside a blouse.
More of Vidya in the links below

Jillu Jillu nu andha Blue Saree um Blouse la Minnura!!!!!1

Here are the pics from her movies.

Best Part of her Movie Stills comes here- She is in a Towel OMG

To go with this pics, check out this hot video of Vidya from Ner ethir

Hope you enjoyed Folks

Take Care and See you soon with another post.

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