Friday, August 21, 2015

Poorna/ Shamna Kasim Hot HD Captures from Thagararu Tamil movie

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Poorna or Shamna Kasi? You might ask "is she poorna or Shamna Kasim"

I will make you understand. Poorna is her stage name and Shamna Kasim is her real name.

This lady when she made her intro in Tamil movies, she was called as Asin's lookalike and also Poor man's Asin like much of a lower grade of a beautiful girl.

I would say, she is 100 times better than Asin bich who thinks of herself conservative but still acts in Hindi Movies. And her conditions has brought her career to a standstill.

Forget the no good Asin. 

Poorna, she is one of the best midrange actress who acts with new heroes. She has matured well and has developed enough goods to sway a man. In the movie Thagararu, she looks fine with Madurai style dressing especially the Halfsaree and her grooming is excellent. It will make you think 'Wish I had a lover like that'. Her role in the movie is minimal and not even a duet song (Shiiit) But whenever she comes on screen, she makes you dwell for any kind of exposure of her. She has nice meaty boobs with hip and navel which can't be compacted inside her tight blouse and it peeks out even when she is fully covered. 

I really loved it and I hope you will like it too. 

Since there are almost 180 image captures of her from the movie, I have put the rest in Page 2 and 3.


Starting with a Caption/MEME
Poorna Shamna Kasim Hot Boobs

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