Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vanitha Aunty (Yesteryear actress) Hot Blouse Bra show from Tamil movie

Vanitha Aunty (Yesteryear) Hot Blouse Bra show from Tamil movie.

This is the Vanitha who used to appear in the 80s movies mostly in side roles or as a pair for the comedians. She was rumoured to have an affair with comedian Y.G Mahendran. She is short and has a round body and always makes sure to expose her breasts in tight outfit. 

The below caps are from a lame movie which can't be watched. The only saving grace is Vanitha who comes around with transparent blouse neatly revealing her bra and a namesake half saree.  

Enjoy the Caps

Vanitha Hot Aunty Blouse Bra

It could not get more transparent than that blouse- Why is she even wearing the blouse instead could have acted wearing only Bra.

Milk Booth, would love to suck on those voluptuous bosoms 

I wonder how this guy was able to resist when this aunty is revealing so much.

The blouse is about to tear out- Thanks to her big milk booths

Kamal hasan is in the movie and it should be the most silliest mistake he has done in choosing movies as there is no role for him, just comes as a sidekick.

Thats all folks- Hope you liked this.

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