Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jayamalini Hot HD Caps from Salem Vishnu

Hello Everybody

Time for another post, This time I have brought you a old stuff but a Gold one. 

Jayamalini, a well known item song dancer of the 80's. She rocked the hearts of millions of fans across the nation with her sexy and slutry dance moves mostly in Cabrera songs wearing the skimpiest clothes you can imagine. Her voluptous hourglass figure combined with a beautiful and cute face can make any man her slave. 

She is featured in Salem Vishnu tamil movie, there is not item song of her but she fills up the quotient with hot transparent blouse and saree exposure. V.K Ramasamy and Venniradai Moorthy try to woo her with their wealth and we get to see some hot exposure of Jaymalini's figure and voluptous body.

Enough of the talking, here are the caps.


Old Fox Vk Ramasamy getting his chance to hug and kiss the beautiful Jayamalini.

This is the definition of Voluptuous Hourglass Figure... 

 Hope you guys liked it, Stay tune for more caps from South Movies.

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