Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kausalya (Nandhini) Hot Tamil Actress Side boob show in Saree

It is a nice Sunday and this will be a nice post as well.

This is actually a small post of Kausalya the hot homely lady who was featured in the Tamil movies during the late 90's. During those times when she acting in movies, I heard that she had conditions of not exposing and will opt only for homely roles hence you won't find much of her exposing scenes or songs in all her movies.

She looked killer with hot lips and sexy face, only if she had done some hot songs. OMG that would be gold. Even now as she is acting in Character roles and looks matured but sexy, she can still compensate for the void created by not exposing. Any we wish to see her like that.

Coming to the post, this scene runs merely 5 seconds where we have actor Prashant saving Kauslaya from killing herself by drowning. She wakes up and scolds Prashant for saving her and we get to see some nice side view of her cute and small bosoms in wet blouse.
If you notice something, the back side of the blouse seems to be a thinner material neatly revealing her bra straps but the front side of the blouse is double sided and hence nothing much visible expect the shape of her boobies.

Enjoy the Caps.

Have a Nice Week and Take care.

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