Thursday, September 3, 2015

Laila and Usha Hot Cleavage show in saree blouse from Alli Thantha Vaanam Tamil movie

You might have seen this movie in TV and within seconds these two scenes will pass through before you can have a good glimpse.
 Now you can have a nice view of these caps.

Laila is one of the cutest actresses we have seen, she had done some good roles in movies and will always be in our heart.

Usha or Priyanka. I don't exactly know the name of this lady who used to appear in small and minor roles in movies mostly in a sexy outfit. Here we have her in the best outfit that can excite us. Saree Blouse. If you don't remember this lady then I will give you a hint, think about the dialogue "Unga meesay paathothum Aasay aa irruku" from Vadivelu comedy scene in Marudhamalai movie

First starting with the Bomb Usha showing her sexy boobs or milk tankers on display

Usha Laila Hot Cleavage Caps

Laila showing her cleavage and this has to be the only exposure by Laila in Tamil movies so rare and gold one. Enjoy


Unknown said...

Super hot one ya..Hats off to ur work...Pls post more...One small request that it would be great if you provide video link for each caps...So that we will enjoy the video also..


Admin said...

Thanks for your reply bro.

Well, this a picture oriented Blog. I don't have the video anymore and also you can find other videos in

Also it is becoming a hassle to upload videos and share so better to screencap and post it.


Admin said...

Also if you notice, I always try to get frame by frame capture to not let the fun miss out of the caps.


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