Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 38 (Sonia & Yuvashree hot side boobs and belly glimpse)

Continuing the Legacy of Tamil Serial Aunty Series.

In this post, two aunties are featured. Both of them are tenured in Tamil Serials and still look hot.

Starting with Sonia Aunty who is making her first appearance in this blog. She can be seen in variety of serials, she seems to have become more chubby or should I say FAT but still looks good.
Enjoy the hot caps below where you can find a little bit of side boobs and little bit of hips.

Now coming to Yuvashree Aunty from the same serial Enga Veetu Pen. She looks matured, maybe they have not given her makeup since she is acting in an elderly role but I have to say she still looks good with the same figure.

Again the same little bit of side boobs and little bit of belly show

Forgot to mention the cute doll in the caps. She looks beautiful too.

1 comment:

Arjun Aju said...

plz post more hot pics of sonia bose she is big plzzzz


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