Sunday, November 1, 2015

TV Hot Screencaps Part 1 (Amala, Rekha, Radha, Ambika,)

Hello Everyone.

I am sticking to the description of this blog that is Hottest TV caps from Movies.

Starting from Amala from Valai Osai song. This is one of the best composition of the year 80's
But this song surely turns me on from the time I am watching this song. Amala dressed up in the transparent blouse showing her bra straps is such a pleasure to view. Kamal plays with her throughout the song and makes us want to be in his place.

Check the caps.

Now we have Kamal playing with his bich Ambika.

Kamal Again with Rekha (Hot intimacy)

Kamal Again but this time with Radha, I really love this song and the specific scene where Radha strips her saree and then covers it.

Finally the elegant Gautami with Prabhu

Hope you guys liked it.

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