Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chinna Veedu Anu - Hot Caps

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Chinna Veedu Tamil movie starring Bhagyaraj, Kalpana and Anu must be known to all masala lovers. It is an yesteryear classic which could be watched evenafter 100 years and still it would be exciting. The screenplay of Bhagyaraj was applauded in this film and most of his films have that (Samacharam).

In this movie specifically the actress named Anu had done a sexy role as a concubine of Bhagyaraj. She was a stellar in that role and we got to see a lot of her in the movie. Those classy Sleazy scenes where she changes her dress upto the level of revealing her white bra. She had done few other movies like Ragam thedum pallavi and some others but it was Chinna veedu movie that took her to the limelight. And if you see there is a lot of google search term like when you type Chinna veedu Anu.

The below pics are not from Chinna Veedu but it is from another movie called Kandhan Karunai starring Vijaykanth, Ambika- It is a devotional movie and we had Anu doing a small role but she was given weightage by some exposing scenes. In the movie, she has a lover guy who is a womanizer and call her to a swimming pool. You can see Anu dressed up in a sexy swimsuit revealing her sexy A ss, Thighs, cleavage. The womanizer tries to molest her and she runs away in swimsuit around the swimming pool, there comes the stupid hero who saves her and ends the fun.

Anyway watch the pics and enjoy.

chinna veedu anu

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As someone was requesting for the video of these pics, I had to first refuse and then it was a kind request so I did not have any option then to oblige. Anyway to avoid the video being posted anywhere else without my permission, I have put a big watermark with the reduced video quality.. Sorry.....

Download the video here.


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can you post that video also ?

thank u

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Sorry Friend. I have stopped posting Videos.

Anonymous said...

why dont you post ?

plz its very kind , begging request to post rare and rarest video in need


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