Friday, October 16, 2015

Madhumitha Hot Saree Caps from Biryani Tamil Movie

Hello Everyoneeee.

Another post here and this one was 2 years in the making.

Exactly 2 years back, Biryani Tamil movie released and I had the opportunity to see it in Theatre. I normally go for the movie after I learn that it is doing good coz I have some bad experience watching some movies where I check my watch every now and then and my legs are just ready to run out of the theaters. 

Biryani was a one time watchable movie and nothing more. In the female section, it starred Hansika as the main lead actress and Mandy Takkar as Item girl. Is that it?  NO.

There was another lady named Madhumitha as the hero Karthi's Sister. She is a homely actress as everybody knows and had very few scenes in the movie, but those few scenes got my little boy excited more than the other 2 voluptuous actresses. 

To be honest, I had a special crush on this lady Madhumitha and she betrayed me by marrying someone very soon in her career. Her exposed movies are very few but in Biryani movie, she has done some indirect exposure. Wearing Saree with low neck blouse. Director Venkat Prabhu should have utilized her in this movie with some sensuous scenes with her pair who was Subbu Panchu.

Anyway checkout the caps and relish this hot lady.

Check out the Hot cleavage in that low neck blouse and her thick lips are inviting.

madhumitha biryani

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