Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rai Lakshmi Hot HD Stills from Sowkarpettai

I hope you must have seen this stills before but have a look at it again with some sexy comments.

Rai Lakshmi- the sexy horse from Sowkarpettai.

High resolution stills for your enjoyment.

Rai Lakhmi looks phenomenol in these stills from Sowkarpettai.

Believe me, I will still bang her even if she is possessed. Her sexiness attracts me more than the horror that keeps me away.

rai lakshmi
I'll love to play with those breasts of Rai Lakshmi

I'll do the same, use my tongue on her

Two hands to squeeze out the milk out of her breasts.

Yeah ride on baby.

This is how she reacts when I am about to open my pants. 
And this when she sees my manhood.

Snake? I don't mind. Just wait till she sees my venom spitting Snake.

I am gonna watch this movie in theatres and will be running to the bathroom frequently.

More Stills of the movie and damn Rai Lakshmi looks so fantastic. I would love to take her any day.

Don't watch this post, if you are weak hearted. LOL

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