Saturday, November 14, 2015

Samantha Hot&Cute pics from 10 Enradhukulla ( High Resolution)

Samantha Samantha Samantha

She is a stellar beauty and we are just lucky to have this lady mesmerize us in the screen. After her plastic surgery, she looks good but in some occasions it feels a little near to being disfigured especially her lips, if you notice when she smiles or opens her mouth.

She is on a role in South movie industry both Tamil and Telugu as she is acting with all the big stars. But her luck just doesn't seems to help her out. I still remember the interview she had given prior to Anjan movie release and how much she was hoping it to turn out, Anjan was the disaster of the year and all her efforts were in Vain especially the 10-15 sec 2 piece bikini scene which she did. 

Coming to the current times, 10 Enradhukkulla with Vikram who had followed this after his Superhit I movie. Again, this movie did not fare well and I guess this time it is Vikram's Jinx to give a Blockbuster movie followed by a absolute dud movie. I have noticed this from Vikram for the past 10 years and the movies I am referring to are the big blockbuster ones.
Saamy (2003) ---------     Kadhal Sadugudu (2003)
Anniyan (2005)--------     Maja (2005)
Kanthasamy (2009)----    Raavanan (2010)
Deiva Thirumagal (2011) ------ Rajapattai (2011)
I movie (2015) ------------- 10 Enradhukulla (2015)

Anyway I can read your mind saying. We don't need the stats but only the pics.

Enjoy this Super High resolution pics from 10 Enradhukulla (Zoom it as much as you can)

Any Vikram Fanatics out there, This is for them

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